If you are tired with the colour of your favourite piece, or it has faded but still holds a special place for you; or you’re a designer and you’d like something special for your next collection, BOTANIKA offers dye services. Please note:

  • Natural dyes work on natural fabrics:
  • (at least 90%) cotton, linen, silk, wool, hemp, viscose, bamboo, tencel, lyocell, modal.
  • The colour outcome is influcenced by the fabric compositition. Cellulose fabrics (cotton, linen, hemp) yield more pastel tones, protein-based fabrics (silk, wool) more intense.
  • Stains will not be covered up by single-colour immersion dyeing, colour patches will do so.
  • Synthetic thread and stitching will not be recoloured.
  • The calculated cost depends on the dye plant and technique used as well as the quantity.