If they’ve seen you once too often in your favourite silk dress or if you’re a designer looking to use  naturally dyed fabrics in your next collection we offer custom dye services to colour the fabrics or garments of your choice with natural dyes. Bring along your precious family heirloom piece, favourite dress or a special garment or share your fabric needs with us and together we’ll  create something naturally colourful filled with new life and meaning.

Please note:

  • Fabrics must be natural: linen, cotton, hemp, silk or wool and man-made natural fibres such as viscose (rayon) and bamboo can be dyed beautifully with natural dyes
  • Some colours involve seasonal dye plants which means that they are not available all-year-round
  • The outcome of the dyeing depends on the material of the cloth, plant-based fabrics tend to yield more subtle hues while protein-based fabrics (wool & silk) are generally more vibrant after natural dyeing
  • Synthetic thread will not take up dye so the stitching may remain the original colour
  • Previous stains and deodorant marks on pre-worn clothing will show even after dyeing
  • Natural, hand-dyed fabrics have a beautiful organic unevenness which differentiates them from factory-dyed cloths, they are living textiles which will gently shift with wear
  • The cost of dyeing is calculated on an individual basis according to the requirements of the order.


Whether you are a group of friends, a collective of makers, a creative family, colleagues in need of creative inspiration or keen gardeners looking to discover dye plants – we are happy to set up a unique natural dyeing workshop where you can find out about a diverse range of natural dyeing techniques, materials and processes. From working with indigo and the Japanese art of Shibori, to eco printing with seasonal foliage, dyeing with household kitchen waste, discovering dye plants that grow in the wild or in the garden to making natural inks and paints, we are ready to lead you on a journey into the wonderfully colourful world of natural dyeing.


Turn your bridal bouquet and wedding florals into a lasting memory by having them eco-printed and steamed into lush silk or come along on your hen night with your girlfriends and bridesmaids for a relaxing session of creative natural dyeing where you can all make something special to wear on your big day.

We are happy to work with you to create your dream event, please get in touch for an appointment so that we can discuss your interest and ideas.


Small-scale natural dyeing is a perfect opportunity to relax and get in touch with nature while finding out about dye plants and natural dyeing traditions, environmental considerations when choosing natural dyes over synthetics, increasing awareness of sustainable fashion alternatives while working together, collaborating as a team and engaging in creative practices.

We are happy to work with you to create the event to suit your requirements, please get in touch for an appointment so that we can discuss your needs and ideas.