Natural dyed garments require a little more care and attention than their synthetically dyed counterparts. For your cloth to remain beautiful take these notes into consideration:

  • Wash by hand using a gentle detergent, PH-neutral if possible in lukewarm water (max. 40°C)
  • Please iron at a temperature setting appropriate for the material
  • Use an aluminium-free deodorant if possible and don’t spray perfume directly onto the cloth
  • Don’t leave in the sun for an extended period of time, if you’re drying outdoors, choose a shady spot
  • Do not dry clean or use chlorine bleach to remove stains
  • Feel fry to over-dye if you wish to change or update the colour
  • Some dyes are sensitive to changes in PH-levels and shift in tone. If you experience this, just wash your piece in the regular way and the colour will re-balance.